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Elite Irish Independent Escort in Dublin FOR YOU

As the Roman poet Horace said in millenia gone by

"Wine, women and song, the sweet consolation of disfigurating melancholy"

So while in Dublin, I hope you experience all three. As an aid to this fulfilment may I sketch topics of interest.

Visitors may I recommend a walk of exploration in urban landscape of Dublin, once frequented by our literary giants i.e. poets, dramatists and writers, Wilde, Shaw O' Casey, Beckett to mention but a few. Personally, I recommend a visit to St. Stephen's Green in central Dublin with its beautiful manicured lawns, flowers beds and lakes; punctuated with many fine examples of sculpture; both old and modern. Include in your itinerary a visit to the zoological garden in Phoenix Park.

Dublin also has a very vibrant theatre and I advise a visit to the Gate Theatre or the Abbey Theatre for a performance equal to that found in any capital city. A very enjoyable night experience is to couple a theatre visit with fine dining, at any number of restaurants that exhibit all the major world cuisines.

South of Dublin city lies county Wicklow, also known as the Garden of Ireland. It is a mountainous region, with interesting peaks and valleys the most famous feature being the valley of Glendalough. Glendalough is renowned for its early Christian monastic Settlement founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. This is a most tranquil and contemplative place.

The glorious scenery of west Cork, Kerry and Galway can be explored by coach, train or hire car. In country Clare Explore the Bureen region, a landscape of limestone laid down in geological times now home to rare flora and fauna and a network of underground caves known as "The Aillwee Caves". In north of Clare on the Atlantic coast is the sheer Cliffs of Moher, that plunge hundreds of feet into the Atlantic.

For members of the Irish diaspora, it is possible to trace your Irish ancestry back many generations by a visit to the Genelogy office, with many census records in web friendly form.

For a tourist who has a keen interest in antiquity and art may I recommend a visit to:

Trinity College Dublin -To view the Book of Kells, an ancient text based on the 4 Gospels written by monks in an ancient Irish Monastery

The National Gallery, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2 - Collection of fine Irish and European art.

Hugh Lane Gallery, North Parrnell St, Dublin 1 - Contemporary art

Brewing & Distilling

If you are interested in production of alcoholic drinks, you would enjoy a visit to Guinness brewery or Jameson distillery.