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Elite Irish Independent Escort in Dublin

Height:    5’2”

Weight :  110lb/50Kg

Chest:      32C

Waist:     Size 8

Eye Colour:  Green

Nationality: Irish

From close inspection of my photos you will form the correct opinion that my body is natural, unaltered by tattoos nor body piercing. My body is maintained in a toned condition by careful attention to nutrition and exercise regimes. I am a non-smoker.(I don’t mind if you smoke)
My missing facial features (in my photos) are due to the clandestine nature of this activity. Rest assured I have a beautiful face that has been lavished with beauty care. Pictures of my face are not available under any circumstances, so please refrain from requesting such material. My  head is crowned with natural luxuriant long, brown hair that is regularly styled.

My photos clearly reveal a figure undulating in all areas of particular interest to men. What my photos do not reveal is my personality. My personality exhibits the following facets; sensitive, sincere, warm-hearted, fun-loving, dignified and discreet